Matthew Biamont

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Matthew was born on October 16th, 1966 in Flint, Michigan. He is the middle child of three brothers. Matthew had a good childhood growing up and lived the common American lifestyle. Matt was brought up in church and believed in God as a young teen.  

He began using recreational drugs with some peers at a party at the age of 16. Matt didn’t get hooked right away but over time he began using heavier drugs and within 7 years his life was beyond repair. Matt attributes heavy-metal music as playing a major role in his downward spiral into a life of spiritual bondage. Matt was stuck between serving in his church and using drugs. The guilt and shame dominated his life. He couldn’t understand, how he could be living this way. He sought answers that would bring freedom but found none, causing him to dive deeper into darkness. 

Matt was facing some legal issues and found out about Reconciliation Outreach through a church located in Carrolton, TX. He was on his way to being homeless and desperate for a place to live. He was admitted into the discipleship program but had to serve 14 months in prison. He was released in February 2017th and was admitted back into the Alpha program. 

Matt says’, “I didn’t have hope and I didn’t care about my life before I came to RO, now I have hope.” He said, he started accepting things he knew to be true about God, that he had trouble accepting when he was younger. He says he was exposed to the biblical teachings at RO and the camaraderie in the men’s home which brought him healing. Turns out nothing is beyond repair in the kingdom of God. Matt was invited into the Ministry Intern Program and has been serving in various areas at Reconciliation Outreach. As he continues his walk at Reconciliation Outreach, he prays that his relationship with his son will be restored.   

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