Glenn Shedwick

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Glenn Shedwick was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1969. He has one brother and sister and a father of a son and daughter.

Glenn grew up in a middle-class home where both of his parents worked hard. While in high school he was pressured into using marijuana and gradually began drinking heavily and using other drugs. This led Glenn into a life of destruction. By age 21, Glenn, was sentenced to prison. Life for Glenn did not slow down until around 2005. Glenn sought help with a ministry in Cedar Hill, Texas, where he began working and entered their ministry program and graduated. Glenn didn’t stay connected to the community and eventually started drinking and using heavy drugs again.

In 2017, Glenn was in jail and heard about Reconciliation Outreach from another inmate. Glenn was released from jail and found his path to R.O. Since being at Reconciliation Outreach, he has grown rapidly. He stated, “my biggest struggle was staying humble and controlling my anger, I’ve grown spiritually over time and my son and I have a much better relationship than before.”

Glenn has a full-time job since entering phase two of the Alpha Men’s Ministry and has shown himself to be responsible. His future plan includes living in Reconciliation Outreach’s transitional housing for one year and then enter school for truck driving.

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