Prince Taylor

Friday, January 5, 2018


Prince Taylor was born on September 24, 1984 in Lubbock, Texas.  He is the second of four children.  Drugs and prostitution were a common part of daily life. As a result, Prince’s mother was shot and murdered when he was six years old. With lots of brokenness and a tattered family, Prince was ultimately raised by his aunt who was also a drug addict and lived in a drug trap-house.  His relationship with his father was very broken and, although he loved his father, unforgiveness put a gap between them. It was common for Prince to wake up for school and have the police raiding his home. When Prince was about 8 years old he was sent to Sunday school where he heard the gospel. He heard how God loves humanity and wants them to be saved. After hearing that message, Prince would sneak off with a Bible and read it as often as he could. He began to have supernatural experiences with the spirit realm as a young believer. Sometime afterward, Prince began to find out the truth about his family and the gravity of the brokenness. 

Life began to take a downward spiral. Prince ended up in prison.  Upon his release, he was desperate for a breakthrough and endeavored to find a ministry that would disciple him, but all his attempts found him still stuck. Prince heard about Reconciliation Outreach through a man in the Salvation Army. Roughly nine months later, Prince was moved by a dream that lead him to make a move toward coming into R|O.  Prince was accepted into R|O and began his growth immediately. In his first chapel service, God spoke to him and confirmed that R|O is where Prince needed to be. 

Since Prince has been at R|O, he has excelled in serving and quickly became a leader. Prince is a studious person and has a love for the word of God. Initially, Prince came only to get clean from drugs, but as his relationship with God grew, he began to realize he needed spiritual growth more than anything. Since Prince has been at R|O, God has confirmed the calling on his life several times. Prince was invited into the Ministry Intern Program, and has served as a house leader and R|O Industries Supervisor. Prior to his graduation, he will be going to visit his father in Lubbock to make amends and bring reconciliation to their relationship. This is a mark of God’s reconciliation in Prince’s family. Prince will continue to serve as an intern at R|O, helping lead the men’s home and running the work crew for R|O industries. He believes that God has called him to full time ministry


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