Brad Slimp

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Brad Slimp was born on April 18, 1982, in Texas City, Texas. His father was a kind and successful businessman, but when Brad was sixteen his father passed away from suicide leaving his young family distressed. Two weeks later, Brad literally grabbed one of his father's suits out of the closet and went into the world of business as a bank teller. Within three years, Brad became one of the youngest banking executives in the history of an internationally well-known banking institution.

In Brad's personal life, he had been away from the church for many years. However, one Sunday morning after making the decision to attend a service with his grandparents, he felt deep conviction in his heart which lead him to make his way to the altar and give his life to Jesus Christ. This life changing decision caused Brad to begin seeing differences in values in the business where he worked that conflicted with his spiritual beliefs. These conflicts, and his own personal struggle with alcohol, eventually led Brad to resign his job causing a loss of retirement, possessions, friends, and a vision for his future. It wasn't long before he found himself depressed and wanting to take his own life.

His mother suggested he enter an inner-city ministry known as Reconciliation Outreach which helps men and women renew broken lives. Brad made the decision to enter the program and fully invested himself in seeking more of God and finding God's plan for his future. He knows that his life has been transformed and believes that, "We are transformed to transform others."

While interning at R|O, Brad has served in many different roles including house leader, volunteer coordinator, web page designer, IT, social media and project manager. He is currently graduating the eighteen-month internship program and joining the staff of R|O as Director of Fundraising.

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