Alex Rowe

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Alex was born in Allen, Texas on March 15th 1986. Alex’s parents separated when he was seven years old, and he lived with his father until he was thirteen. Alex’s grandmother was a believer and had a spiritual influence on him. When Alex was in 6th grade, he was introduced to cigarettes and drugs.  This led to a gradual downward spiral into addiction.  Alex was eventually introduced to meth and became addicted. Meth soon consumed his life and began to rob him of everything.

Alex’s cousin, an R|O alumni, reached out to Alex and suggested R|O. At the time, Alex wasn’t ready and ended up waiting four months before finally surrendering to his rescue. As soon as Alex was ready he was picked up by R|O staff and admitted to the ministry.

One particular morning during corporate prayer a staff member was praying for Alex, he received salvation that morning and has since been in transformation. Alex was invited into internship and has been serving as an office administrator and assisting the men’s director.

Since Alex has been at R|O he has felt God’s love. Alex says,   “God has given him a love for others.” Alex is a defender.

Alex continues as an intern at R|O serving and assisting the men’s director and seeks to discover his calling.

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