Transforming Lives


Will Thornton

Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Category: Transforming Lives
Summary: Will was born on December 4, 1966 in Dallas Texas. He began using drugs at age twelve and plunged into an addiction that lasted about thirty-five years. Over a span of nearly ten years, Will had been in and out of rehab centers to no avail. Will hit rock bottom in 2004 when he was arrested for a felony awakening him to get his life together. more…

Brad Slimp

Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Category: Transforming Lives
Summary: Brad Slimp was born on April 18, 1982, in Texas City, Texas. His father was a kind and successful businessman, but when Brad was sixteen his father passed away from suicide leaving his young family distressed. Two weeks later, Brad literally grabbed one of his father's suits out of the closet and went into the world of business as a bank teller. more…

Alex Rowe

Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Category: Transforming Lives
Summary: Alex was born in Allen, Texas on March 15th 1986. Alex’s parents separated when he was seven years old, and he lived with his father until he was thirteen. Alex’s grandmother was a believer and had a spiritual influence on him. When Alex was in 6th grade, he was introduced to cigarettes and drugs. This led to a gradual downward spiral into addiction. Alex was eventually more…

Endorsements for RO

“Because of Dorothy and Reconciliation Outreach, hundreds of homeless people in Dallas have a roof over their heads, a meal on the table, and the love of a caring neighbor in their hearts. She has mastered the skill of nourishing both body and soul with her understanding and dedication.”
Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas Senator


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