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The Refuge



We are in the work of replacing a poverty lifestyle with a prosperous lifestyle. In order to do that, we begin by occupying the streets. Somewhere between 1986 and today, Peak St.’s reputation changed. It is no longer a place of gang wars, murder, and drug houses, but it is a beacon of hope resting right in the middle of Dallas.

Why? ---Because change comes one life at a time and changing lives is possible.

Affordable transitional housing is one of the greatest needs for people that are not financially stable. R/O provides transitional housing for the “working poor,” this gives them time to rebuild their finances in a safe environment. God's purpose for The Refuge is to provide transitional housing that is affordable and safe to facilitate self-sufficiency in Men, Women, and Families that have recently lost their homes or are having a hard time covering their current rent. The Refuge is not a shelter, nor is it a solution for long-term housing. The Refuge is a place where people can come and get a respectable place to live while saving money, to get a better place to live. Reconciliation Outreach hopes that in this purpose The Refuge will improve the chances of its tenants to become independent, strong members of their community.



Determination of acceptance into The Refuge will be made on a case by case basis, based on the following minimum criteria and guidelines.

Applicant must:

Be at least eighteen years old.

Be drug and alcohol-free. The Refuge is a drug and alcohol-free environment, please consider this before applying.

Hold current employment for no less than two months and complete a background check.

Have a gross income of no more than $31,010.00 per year.

Have a gross income of no less than $20,090.00 per year.

In order to rent an apartment at The Refuge, the applicant must:

Pay the first month’s rent.

Pay at least 50% of the security deposit. (The remaining balance will be paid in $50 monthly installments until paid in full.)

There is a non-refundable administrative $30.00 fee. 

Have a valid state issued photo identification card.

Have a Social Security Card.


Apartment Information

One Bedroom Kitchen

The lease will be 6 months with an option for another 6 months extension upon request and management approval. 

1 Bedroom (Approx. 450 sq. ft): $600/month

2 Bedroom (Approx 520 sq. ft):  $650/month




To inquire about The Refuge contact:

Carey Ciolfi

Phone: 214-545-6500

Click here to contact


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Understanding the need in Dallas

  • Students left unsupervised after-school


  • Shortage of Affordable Housing


  • Increase in Homeless in 3 years


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